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Wall-mounted shelving

Wall shelving is a commercial equipment for stores of any format. They allow you to effectively use the sales area, rationally place goods, and also guarantee easy access to products for customers.

When deciding to buy wall shelving, it is recommended to take into account several criteria:

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Island shelving

Island sales shelving is used for organizing space in stores or supermarkets. They are installed in the center of the room or in line as an independent sales area for compact placement of regular or promotional products on shelves or hooks.

4RM Systems manufactures and offers island shelvin

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End shelving

Effectively utilize vertical space to place more merchandise in a limited area. Combining end shelving into a single themed area draws attention to promotions and makes it easier for shoppers to navigate.

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Bakery shelving

Bakery products are sought-after products in any shop, and the bakery area shapes the mood of customers. Commercial bread shelving manufactured by 4RM Systems combines lightweight design, reliability and easy access to goods.

A set of additional accessories provides product presentation, st

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Alcohol shelving

The wine and spirits area is one of the most dynamically changing areas in today's grocery store. With such trends in mind, 4RM Systems manufactures and sells alcohol shelving to organize the perfect selling area.

Types of shelving for alcohol in the store from 4RM Systems LLC

We pr

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Fruits&Vegetables shelving

In shops it is important to organise storage and placement of fruits and vegetables correctly to attract customers and sell more goods. But such products require special attention, as they spoil quickly. 

To prevent such problems, special shelving for storing fruit and vegetables is us

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Media shelving

Shelving, presentation tables and display garbage cans for media products provide a bookstore, gas station or media area of a large store with a functional solution for the presentation of books and magazines. The sloping shelves guarantee good product visibility and easy access to products.

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Tobacco shelving

Floor standing or hanging dispensers for the storage and sale of cigarettes, sticks or heating mixes. The design of 4RM tobacco cabinets provides maximum faceting and extensive branding opportunities. Equipped with both pusher and gravity shelves.

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Promo shelving

For displaying promotional goods, novelties, sales hits. The shelving is complete with price holders, hooks, wire barriers and dividers. Compact design allows you to optimize the use of limited space and maximize profits.

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